Foundation Membership

We have established a not for profit membership for advocacy of Safety Governance – membership is open to professionals with qualifications and experience in the field of safety governance.

Courses & Events

We know that managing the non-financial risk in an organisation is often difficult to visualise; the Safety Governance Institute provides Board Sessions, Leaders Foundation & the Safety Governance in Practice Masterclass, we provide practical tools, guidance and reporting tools for your non-for-profit and for profit boards.

News & Media

Dive into our safety governance-related articles published with various agencies including the Australian Institute of Company Directors and the Safety Institute of Australia.

Why safety governance is so vital

Safety governance is often overlooked in the space of risk governance. However with globalisation of our markets, newly increased penalties and the positive duty of due diligence for directors and officers, the focus on safety governance must be reignited. 

The Safety Governance Institute provides safety governance education for boards, chief executive officers, safety professionals, governance professionals, directors and risk managers. Our courses are open to professionals who would like to advance their qualifications and experience in the field of safety governance. A course is the ideal way to advance your skillset in culture, ethics and governance.

Be a great corporate citizen and have a meaningful company purpose requires a new focus on non-financial risks.

Learn from Non-Financial Risk Experts and lead your organisation to the era of stakeholder value creation and in return sustainable and increased bottom lines.