The Safety Governance Institute (profit for purpose) founded the Safety Governance Foundation (not for profit) in April 2021.

This is a not for profit company by limited guarantee awaiting ACNC application

Membership with tangible benefits to help you improve safety governance in your organisation.

Our membership is open to professionals with qualifications and experience in the field of safety governance.

Becoming a Safety Governance Foundation member is the ideal way to advance your career, expand your network and build on your skills. 

There are various levels of Membership – the initial member (non-financial), affiliate (financial member), associate (financial member) and fellow (financial member).


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Additional fee for credentials assessment for Affiliate / Associate / Fellow.

See below for Safety Governance Foundation Membership levels and requirements.

We have opened our Corporate Membership opportunities please click the image below for our prospectus.

When becoming a corporate member of the SGF, your company will be involved in the engagement of Safety Governance globally. Your investment will contribute to our Foundation funding to ensure operational costs are met year on year.

Safety is the new orange. As the pandemic took hold, customers worried about their safety, workers insisted on a having a safe workplace and investors demanded we provided it. Safety is indeed now material and Organisations, even nations, have started to explore how safety fits into their strategy to ensure their operations survived and thrive in todays environment.

As organisations focus on shareholder value, the world has turned its head to ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) investing; the “S” is often omitted or scored by latent measuring qualities of LTI & TRIFRs ;it’s our mandate to help install the Safety in both social and governance.

The Safety Governance Foundation believes that it is time to help elevate organisations to achieve their social licence to operate; including the provision of a safe working environment for workers, customers and people of the public.

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