The Safety Governance Institute is the leading educator for oversight professionals such as investors, sustainability professionals, boards, chief executive officers, directors, company secretaries, safety, risk and governance professionals in Safety Governance.

We know that managing the non-financial risk in an organisation is often difficult to visualise but in our Oversight Education® we provide practical tools, guidance and reporting tools for your organisation or others you advise.

This is education with tangible benefits, taught by industry experts.

Safety Governance Education Alignment

Our Safety Governance Education is aligned with 45000 family including ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety, ISO 31000 Risk Management, ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility and ISO 37000 Governance of Organisations.

Scheduled Education Sessions

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In your education you will explore:

  • SGI Safety Governance Definition©
  • SGI Safety Governance Principles©
  • SGI Safety Governance, ESG & Sustainability©
  • SGI Safety Governance Maturity Model©
  • SGI Non-Financial Risk
  • SGI Safety Governance Materiality
  • SGI Safety Governance Framework©
  • SGI Safety Governance Practices
  • SGI Safety Governance Actors
  • SGI Safety Governance Regulations
  • SGI Board Skill Matrix
  • SGI Board Duties
  • SGI Safety Governance Reporting ©
  • SGI Safety Governance Due Diligence Tool©
  • SGI Safety Governance Reasonably Practicable Tool©
  • SGI Safety Governance Maturity Model© Score Tool©
  • SGI Safety Governance Strategy©
  • SGI Safety Governance Metrix©
  • SGI Safety Governance Audits©
  • SGI Safety Governance Index©

The Safety Governance Institute believes that it is time to help elevate organisations to achieve their social licence to operate; including the provision of a safe working environment for workers, customers and people of the public.

Defining a company’s commitment to safety is vital as customers, workers and investors assess their performance of providing a safe environment.

Workers and customers have demanded a seat at organisations’ tables around the world, more stakeholder activists are emerging and demanding more accountability. This is the time for organisations to get ahead of possible risks and really live a safe purpose and culture.

Safety governance is often overlooked as it is considered operational risk and not a matter for a Board, but as the world has changed so safety has became material.

Shareholders have never been more interested.

Investors are assessing and measuring safety performance which is impacting access to funding for organisations.

As more financial experts say “safety is a key part of the social licence to operate” a key focus for Boards must be to have an active hand in managing the non-financial risks of safety.

For a safe workplace culture organisations, led by Boards, must engage & work with all stakeholders in the marketplace: investors; shareholders; organisations; employees; and customers.

All have a part to play and all impact the provision of safe products, services and activities.

We have to move to Great Corporate Citizenship where we care about the impact of our work whilst extending & delivering both stakeholder & shareholder value.